The Power of Mindfulness – FREE Online Webinar

The Power of Mindfulness FREE Webinar

Free your mind from distractions, concerns, and anxiety and become more mindful and alert in your everyday life!

Do you always easily accept any changes in your life?
What is your work-life or private – life balance?
Are you doing something for yourself every day?


Now is time to do that!

Through this group coaching webinar you will learn how to:

  • Boost immune system’s ability to fight off illness
  • Improve focus and clarity in mind
  • Increase positive emotions
  • Decrease depression, anxiety, stress level

We will have a practical part at the end of the webinar based on guided meditation, meridian exercises, breathing and much more.


ewa szczepaniakEWA SZCZEPANIAK
I am a Yoga
 teacher graduated in Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga School in Berlin. After the 10 months training I gained the experience practicing with Indian gurus in North India. I am also a Shiatsu practitioner and I work on body’s energy channels to improve the functions of inner organs. For last few years I have been on the path of self discovery. I love to share my knowledge and experience especially when others can benefit from that.

GOSIA WOJCIULEWICZ                     
I am a 
holistic therapist that completed different therapies modules in Green Tara College in Ireland. I have started The Life Particle instructor course teaching Korean Yoga & Qigong focused on mental health & consciousness. I am happy I made a choice to go that direction. It gives me a great fulfilment to see positive changes being made in the lives and health of people.

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