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Retreatself began in 2015, when Ewa and Gosia met in Ireland, in a place called Letterfrack. They had a vision of helping people make a positive change in their life. They promote a holistic way of living lifestyle and their goal is to offer the highest quality of service, experience for individuals who wish to make real improvements in any aspects of their lives.


The mission of Retreatself is to hold space for every soul that chooses to set out on a journey with us. Through to connection to nature, movement and dedication to seeing our reflection in one another we aim to lift the veils and open the door of awareness into your true nature. Our main focus is on the awareness of body, mind, and soul. We promote the conscious way of living we support people in the process of change and self-discovery. Our intention is to share the knowledge and experience we have to inspire others and lead them to the happiness.


By combining different aspects of movement such as yoga, qi gong, meridian exercises, pilates, and mind work: meditation, visualization, relaxation, energy training and holistic treatments.


Retreatself have discovered an opportunity for people who need guidance and mentoring in healthier lifestyle.

We believe through our committed efforts, passion for life, and combined knowledge, we will contribute to a better society by bringing helpful, practical solutions to the way people think, feel, do.

We can integrate people with different skills and professions, offering solutions, convenience, and opportunities. Our immediate plan is to create a strong community with purpose, energy and passion.

Core values

Our core values stem from:
Passion – From heart and mind
Quality – Individual approach to the details
Unity – We create holistic opportunities focused on three areas – physical, mental and spiritual
Integrity – We are open, truthful and real
Respect – For people diversity

Yoga at Work

Yoga at Work

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Yoga & Meditation Classes in Dublin

Yoga & Meditation Classes in Dublin

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Holistic treatments in Dublin

Holistic treatments in Dublin

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One to one sessions

One to one sessions

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Who am I?


My name is Gosia and originally I come from Poland.
I am Wellness Coach, Holistic Therapist, and Personal Trainer.
My journey started with a passion for dance and body movement. I used to compete and had been part of different dance projects. When I moved to Ireland I continue to attend dance classes and joined a couple of dance shows.
As a personal trainer, nutrition advisor, and fitness instructor I have worked in leading sports clubs in the Dublin area and have led many training programs on a one-to-one basis and have run teacher training for small groups, seminars, and workshops in healthy living.

I am engaged in the trainers’ program at Profi Fitness School, traveling around the Ireland teaching students how to become a gym, fitness and personal trainer.

I attended several workshops, events, different holistic treatments, and retreats. I could feel and see the changes in my life, so I decided to study more in that area.
I found that trough the movement you can bring more awareness to your inner self and heal yourself trough.

I have done Korean Yoga & Qigong training focused on mental health & consciousness. I also have started Reiki practice, holistic therapies, essential oils, meditation, relaxation, meridian exercises, and body awareness techniques.

I promote a healthy balanced lifestyle to help people reach their potential, both in a personal and professional capacity. I focus on conscious living and creating a space for people that need support in their process of change. My approach is to inspire people to grow and feel happier.

I believe through my committed efforts, passion for life and combined knowledge, I will contribute to a better society by bringing helpful, practical solutions to the way people live.
I love what I do. I am happy I made a choice to go that direction. It gives me a great fulfillment to see positive changes being made in the lives and health of people.

All inclusive 7 Days Retreat in Portugal (29.04-05.05.2019)

  • Would you like to feel revitalized, refreshed and reconnected with who you really are?
  • Get ready for an experience of a lifetime and join us for a wellness retreat in Portugal
  • We assure you that this is much more than just another yoga holiday!

Why this retreat?

This carefully and lovingly created retreat provides the ultimate opportunity to pause from the crazy pace of modern life, allowing you to reconnect with your true nature.

This program is designed for everyone who is looking to nourish the body, mind, and soul. We would like to share with you what we love, so we offer you daily yoga, meditation, energy training classes, and holistic treatments.

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Do you have any questions? Write to us!

You can contact us also by:

e-mail: contact@retreatself.com

mobile (IE): +353  8319 164 66