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Retreat in Tenerife 2017

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Retreat in Ireland 2017

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Emilia Denes

“First of all, I would like to thank you again for this wonderful workshop. I stayed calm and balanced all Sunday and for the first time in a long time, I had a super Monday. I was rested, chatty, smiling all day, had meaningful conversations and I had a lot of energy to listen to others. I just simply felt happy I even made my grumpy colleague laugh 🙂 I highly recommend this event to everyone 😀 Thanks for all the help and kind advises you offered, I really appreciate it.”


“You definitely met my expectation and even more: you excelled. It was a great experience to learn lessons that can be adapted to life. Go into tensions and pain in order to release them. Effort first, then release. Of course nothing new, but in this context just so pure and simple, but with striking impact on body and mind. Everything is just there, there is so much more potential than I used to realize or maybe have forgotten a little more and more over time. Thank you so much for that <3 “


“Thank you for the presentation and the workshop in general!
I took part because I am generally interested in yoga (and all it’s connections like the medical aspect in yoga) and because the practise clears my mind.
Your workshop was amazing and I still feel relaxed.
I will definitely add some of your exercises to my regular yoga practise and recommend your studio to my friends (and Facebook) because every minute was absolutely worth it :)”


“I just wanted to give you a big thank you for the great experience that attending your Empowering Yourself Workshop over the week of the 10th of June was.
I first decided to go along with my friend but just after the first session, I knew I was in for a treat!!!. I wanted to feel relax and give my body a bit of a treat but I got so much more than that, I left with a new body, mind, and spirit!!
You guys are so professional and friendly. The weekend was well planned and thought throughout.
The variety of topics that were discussed were well presented and connected.
I would not hesitate to go back for more!!
Once again, thank you very much and can’t wait for the next one!”

Nasiha H.

“I received an essential oils massage from Gosia and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She was very professional and paid a great deal of attention to finer details such as explaining what is massage, how she is going to deliver it and how these oils are made. I would recommend Gosia to anyone who is interested. It is clear that she is very passionate about her job and this reflects directly on the treatment. I look forward to more massages like the one I had.”


“This time last week I was packing my things & saying not goodbye but ‘can’t wait to see you again’ to such an amazing bunch of people. To those of you that know my well you know I love to learn & I question everything!!…. Retreatself has helped me grow massively in just one week….please like their page….they will be doing more retreats this year in Portugal, Switzerland & Thailand….if you haven’t booked a holiday yet I would definitely recommend that you sign up”

Alberto Alvarez

“When I went to visit Gosia I had a pain in my lower back and for that reason i was very stressed . The massage she did not only help to relieve my lower back pain , she got to ease my stress with her oils and relaxing massage . I felt really good after the treatment so I would highly recommend Gosia to people with same or similar problems as me.”



“Well, I chose this workshop because my colleague recommended it to me, I mean Yoga & meditation, and so after a little bit of research I came across you guys. As for the benefits, the training made me aware of parts in me that I do not usually consider, the body that I have and the parts that this body has. For me the whole time mind and body was one thing and now i am seeing a gap, which helps me organize my inner conflicts way better. As for recommendation, of course I would definitely recommend this, and the reason is the vibe you have in your training, which is very positive.”

Gerry O Neill

“I had the pleasure of attending Gosia’s workshop for her presentation last Saturday. Amazing is the word I will use. Truly Gosia you have a gift and skill that you must continue with.your presentation and delivery of the course were professional and heartwarming. I wish you the very best going forward.☺”

Georgia Snow

I have had two massages from Gosia. The first was an oil and aromatherapy massage. Gosia came to my house with her table and gave me the most wonderful and relaxing massage with DoTerra oils. I felt both relaxed and invigorated afterward. The second massage was without the aroma oils but I loved it just as much. Gosia has a great knowledge of how the human body works and responds to stress and emotions. Her treatments are individual and she really listens to your words and body to give you the treatment you need.”

Daniel Jensen

“I liked the variety a lot, it gave a very good overview. Your different personalities rounded this, even more, very good combination. You gave me a good, relaxing and understanding feeling. I liked that you were empathetic and changed classes / postponed mediation due to our mood and energy level. correction of the poses was good and constructive, I experienced that I got a better feeling for fine-tuning parts of my body over the days.”

Vincenzo Novelli

“I’m delighted to be asked to write about my massage experience by Gosia Having had back problems over the years and having moved around different countries, I have visited many professional massage therapists and according to my experience  I can only recommend Gosia. She is very professional and has a great knowledge of the back’s anatomy and workings. To my great surprise and delight, her usage of perfumed oils has had a very relaxing and calming effect on my mind, allowing me to enjoy the regenerating effect of the massage even more.”

Jennifer Byrne

“Just wanted to give some feedback and say thanks so much for a really enjoyable and informative day ? You make a great teacher and I love the way you engage with the students making them think outside the box! It really got me to see so much clearer about the direction and approach I want to take with my business and clients. I loved your visual aid strategies too, really helpful with the diagrams and of course painting a clearer picture! It made so much more sense rather than just reading the information from the slides. Keep doing what you are doing, you are doing a great job.”


Gosia is a great massage therapist who takes care of his clients’ goals and explains everything in detail so we have a better knowledge and understanding of how our body works and what we need to keep doing to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle. Best place by far for my massage Thanks”

Joanna Ozdarska

Gosia when I came to you on Friday I had a pain in my shoulders and lower back. The massage you did was so relaxing and I really loved the oils you used for the treatment, they were calming and at the same time so refreshing. I felt big difference after the treatment. I can highly recommend Gosia to anyone!!! Thank you again Gosia!!! smile emoticon”

Michael H.

“Gosia was so professional and passionate for what she has done. Delivering a pleasant and enjoyable experience overall. I will look forward to another treatment to feel relaxed even more.”

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