Yoga & Meditation Classes in Dublin

Yoga & Meditation Classes


Would like to feel energized and revitalized?

Would you like to just simply relax and switch off your mind from busy life for a moment?

Join Yoga with Energy Program focused on YOUR WELL – BEING

Learn how to build up your own energy to be more effective and strong both mentally and physically. Explore practical techniques to reduce stress and build concentration for use in everyday life.

Connect your body and mind to be more harmonized and vital. Find the way how to release stagnant energy, feel lighter and enhance inner joy.


Holistic mind and body exercise training that is designed to awaken your body and brain to its highest potential.

The classes combined with Korean Yoga, Meditation, Energy training, Pilates and Meridian exercises will help keep your body and mind in good shape and health, recommended for every person, regardless of age or physical condition.

Techniques include tapping, shaking, stretching, core strength building exercises, breathing, and Qi Gong sequences.

Regular classes, you gain physical endurance, higher energy levels and a calm and clear mind recommended for every person, regardless of age or physical condition.

The program will help:

  • Energize the body
  • Release tension and anxiety caused by stress
  • Increase positive emotions
  • Improve focus and clarity in mind
  • Improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles and skeletal system
  • Boost immune system’s ability to fight off illness
  • Stimulate the detoxification of your body
  • Activate the nervous system

Benefits after participating in this program:

  • Greater self-awareness and psychological mechanisms that affect you
  • You’ll feel light on the physical, emotional, and mental level.
  • Learn more tips on how to maintain a state of relaxation on a daily basis.

What to take with you:

Bottle of water, yoga mat or big towel (not necessary), comfortable clothes.




I am a Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Holistic Therapist, and Personal Trainer.

I promote a healthy balanced lifestyle to help people reach their potential, both in a personal and professional capacity. I focus on conscious living and creating a space for people that need support in their process of change. My approach is to inspire people to grow and feel happier.

I believe through my committed efforts, passion for life and combined knowledge, I will contribute to a better society by bringing helpful, practical solutions, and I love what I do.

Prices: from €7 – €15

More information call 083 061 5425

Mounttown Community Facility, Meadowlands Fitzgerald Park, Lower Mounttown Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin



Monday: 10:30am, 12.00pm, 6:30pm

Tuesday: 10:30am

Wednesday: 11:00am, 6:30pm

Thursday: 10:15am

Saturday: 11:00am

Sunday: 11:00am

Timetable may be flexible due to demand.

Book your name:

or call 083 061 5425